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Hello Again! 
28th-Aug-2011 01:25 am
Sorry for spelling an stuff I'm typing this out quickly before Hurricane Irene hits and power goes out! Hope everyone is safe if you are on the east coast!
I haven't posted in this community(or my livejournal) in years and its nice to see that its still active!

Brief Reintro/bio: My name is Shelly and I am 25 and I don't know when I started my lj account or when I left it...
Anywho, I have had seizures my whole life and was diagnosed in 7th grade. I suffer from grand mal, tonic clonic and JME.
I have been on Depakote (can't remember dosage, just hated the stuff it didn't work) and after that Lamictal (same deal).

Currently I am on a combo of Keppra 4,000 mg and Topamax 300 mg per day.

Now the reason I am posting in here after so long is I had a 'breakthrough seizure". Its been a year and half and everything was going great and WAH-bam!!! I'm out and a month later another. But the second one was very strange. I was conscious and screaming at the top of my lungs for help over and over again. Apparently it was a gut wrenching screaming that was like a mechanical alarm clock, like HELP. HELP. HELP. HELP. I was very delusional yet very aware. I have had seizures simaular to this but not this extreme. People said it looked like a severe panic attack or night terror, mixed with a seizure.

With all this information I am recieving I really don't know what to tell my doctor, I am thinking there is something else going on here. I have tried to think of the triggers too and the only thing that was in common was the fact I was about to get my period. Can anyone provide me with any info or questions I can ask myself or my doctor? Or has anyone had a seizure that was bizarre too? Could it be the meds?
28th-Aug-2011 09:41 am (UTC)
It might be the meds, but really you need to be upfront with your G.P. or specialist on this.
28th-Aug-2011 09:59 am (UTC)
Doctors are always fascinated when you tell them you remember having a seizure, or people where there to provide eye-witness accounts. I guess it has been a weird month for seizures. I think I might have had one of the strangest of my life too, and I heard of someone else having an unusual experience too. Hope that hurricane blows over. Guess that's somewhere in the US?
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