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Brain Fuzzy

Epilepsy With a Sense of Humor

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Brain Fuzzy: Epilepsy With a Sense of Humor.
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Ever notice that lightening up and relaxing a bit can help your condition? This community is a sister
of epileptics and is provided here to allow you to express the AMUSING things about seizures, seizure disorders and brain disorders.

You are encouraged to speak freely, however, there are rules:
- Do not be rude, crude, criticizing of someone else's opinion, feelings, and/or condition; be respectful!

- When choosing an icon to use along side your post, please DO NOT use animated GIFs. There are people who read this community who are photosensitive and are wired in such a way where their brain might react to flashing anything. Any entries which include animated GIFS will be removed. I don't mind asking nicely for someone to change their icon but I don't want to have to do it all the time. Deal?

Community Moderator:essenceofthemus

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